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Best US Culinary Schools

Finding the best culinary schools in the US is a challenge for prospective chefs who desire to become known. As the culinary school chosen will have a great impact on your future culinary career, making the right school decision is crucial.
Below you will find ways that will help you select the culinary arts school that matches your specifications and needs, as well as a listing of some of the more well-kown culinary schools in the US.

1: What type of Chef do you want to be?
What ranks as the best culinary schools of the US is determined by the type of cuisine that school specializes in. Food types include French, Italian and Oriental cuisines and the skills required by chefs vary greatly. While there are some prestigious schools that cater to more than one cuisine, selecting a focused culinary school can make the difference in determining if you will succeed or fail at culinary arts.

2: How serious of a Chef are you?
The amount of effort you are willing to put into becoming a chef is vital as you are selecting a culinary school. Some schools are strict, with long schedules and grueling hours of work that must be done to graduate. Others schools are more casual, allowing night courses and part time culinary classes. Knowing how serious you are about becoming a chef will help you select the type of culinary school you apply to.

3: What is your budget?
Not all culinary arts schools in the US are created equal. Some schools can cost a good amount of money. These schools are usually reserved for those students who wish to become elite chefs. Planning how much you are willing to spend on your culinary education will narrow down the selection of schools.

4: Are you willing to travel for culinary education?
Many culinary schools are located on either the east coast or California. While there are many more across the US, California and New England are areas which are renown for having the highest number of culinary schools. If you are willing to travel, you will have access to many more culinary schools than if you are staying around your town. If you happen to live in New England or California, it's more likely that there is a top noth culinary school in your area.

Like all culinary schools, there are some culinary centers that are better than others. Some of the best US culinary schools include the California School of Culinary Arts, the California Culinary Academy, the Connecticut Culinary Institute, the Culinary Academy of Long Island, The Kitchen Academy of California and Le Cordon Bleu.

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